Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Home Refashion

I once was just an ordinary wooden box that held tea...........

Now I am a beautiful jewelry box for a special little girl

Supplies you need:
-Acrylic Pain (I used Americana Paint on sale at Michaels. Colors: primary yello, Vivid Violet, Citron Green)
-Paint Brushes
-Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint (I used Ivy Leaf color)
-Painter's Tape
-wooden box

1. I put tape on the areas that I did not want the spray paint not to go on. Take your time doing this and make sure you cover the area completely.

2. Go outside and have fun spray painting :) I let the box set out for 24 hours after I was done spray painting and even had to go back for some touch up.

3. I used different sizes brushes when I was doing the flowers. I put flowers on each side of the box. Try out what you want to draw on a blank sheet of paper before starting. I had fun doing this! I felt like a big kid painting and I loved it. What was great about the paint I used was that I was able to take a wet towel and wipe off any mistakes.

I'm giving this box to Chloe for her birthday so she can put her jewelry or any little special item she wants.

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