Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Creative Gift Wrapping

We all love getting presents, of any kind! Whether it be little ones or big ones. What makes presents even more exciting is the wrapping . Here are some creative gift wrapping ideas :)

  • You don't have to something elaborate that takes hours and hours. You can do small things like get a paper bag, cut it open, and have your kids draw on it :) easy.
  • Take scraps of fabric and wrap your present. That way once they open the present they could use the fabric for another project. It's all about recycling and reusing.

  • Do you collect the tissue from the last present you got? REUSE IT! wrap the present with it, add stickers and wrap some ribbon around it! VIOLA!

  • Ran out of boxes to put your present in? Do you have a ton of plastic containers that don't fit in your drawer, like me? Find a container that you know you can live without and put the gift in it. That way the person receiving the gift can use it for something else:)

  • Want to get super creative! Mommy Meatloaf gave Chloe an Egg full of surprises. She got an egg from a craft store, painted the egg fun colors and cut it open zig zag style! FABULOUS!

  • I Love this idea! My friend Katie gave her friends daugther, who happened to be named Chloe as well, this basket. You can do the same thing. Go to the thrift store they have tons of baskets and buy one. Add some ribbon and felt ;)

  • Don't throw away your old calendars! Use the calendar pages for gift wrapping.

Picture taken by Real Simple

I hope this sparked some ideas for your next present wrapping extravaganza! Have more ideas? Post a comment and share with us.


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