Thursday, March 4, 2010

Birthday Banner Tutorial and Download

Bella's birthday is in just a few weeks and I have been wanting to make a birthday banner for a while - so here was my perfect opportunity. My sister made one a few years ago and I have been drooling over it for a while. So, I called her and got some measurements(thanks Andrea!) and since I had to make a template to print I decided to share it here for all you lovely readers=)

I used a jean skirt I bought for $2.00 at goodwill, ribbon from my wedding, and scraps for the letter.
I love it so much. I especially love that it can't be ripped like a paper banner and will last for years - one of those things that has to be at every birthday.

Sigh=) Love.

Okay it's pretty simple -

Triangle Template
Letter Template

1. Cut out the paper templates for the triangles and letters.
2. Cut out 13 triangles
3. Trace letters unto fabric and cut - Use bright colors that don't blend with the jean. Also you will need to trace some of the letter twice like "A"
4. Topstich letters unto the triangles
5. Sew triangles to tie. For the tie at the top you can use ribbon or bias tape. I didn't pin I just eyeballed it as I sewed=)

Ta-da ready for years of memories!

Make your life beautiful,

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  1. I can't wait until all the prints are ugly, but we still have to use it :)


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