Monday, March 1, 2010

Fairy Garden

Austin's friend, Miles, had a birthday two weeks ago and our family was trying really hard to think of something to make him. Between my family and Miles' we always give each other handmade things. It's this unspoken rule we have between us. The crafts that have been created have been amazing.

So since Miles has a new imaginary fairy friend in his life and she is really special to him, we decided to make him a fairy garden. A special place where his fairy friend can live.

This fairy garden was inspired by The Magic Onion blog where she tells you how to make all this cute fairy stuff :) It was such a great way to include my kids and husband in the crafting. We all had so much fun and gave each other a pat on the back on how well it turned out.

side note: I didn't take enough pictures of the process so sorry. I got caught up in making the garden and the last picture of the final project is through my phone :( so these pictures don't give it any justice.

The start of the project

Austin helping me get all the dirt in the pot
The construction of the house
The Fairy Garden included a house, a table, chair, a pond made out of coconut, and a clothing line (we put some of my fabric scraps on the clothing line). It has a real garden that we planted seeds and in this picture you can see them sprouting :) Oh and she has a bed in the house too!


  1. I LOVE it! Great idea for family time. Scott looks a little over-dressed for gardening :) We did a planting project recently. It just started growing though, so Ill be posting it early next week.

  2. i love the fairy garden idea!!! so cute! wow, you guys are such a crafty family:)


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