Sunday, March 7, 2010

Follow Your Dreams

I just took a wonderful and inspiring online blogging and business class this week over at Marta Writes blog . It was a week of inspiring quotes, expert panel of advice, and great tips on blogging/business. I recommend everyone to head over to her blog and look at last weeks posts, it was free. She even has the workbook on sale at her store :)

So why take the class??? Well let me start by saying, I started this blog as an outlet and to just journal my life as a stay at home mom. I had no goal or wasn't trying to gain anything from it. But since I started, its been such an awesome experience. The people I have met, the crafting that I have done, and the inspirations I have gotten from others has been great! Mamma Tortilla has become baby # 4 (I include my husband in that baby list) and I am hoping to expand her as much as possible. With the help of the class I was able to say "you know what...i love to craft. i love to write. i love to photograph (though Melissa is the amazing photographer on here). i love to blog. so why not follow my dreams, passions and take a leap of faith?" Here I go again, I'm jumping but not down... UP!!

Stay tuned for many exciting things at Mamma Tortilla :)



  1. Um, when I clicked on the Marta Writes link, it went to your home refashion post. ;-)

  2. kyria- YIKES! i apologize. i fixed it:) thank you for pointing that out for me.


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