Monday, March 15, 2010

Week 1: Meet The New Members of Our Family

We are so excited to share pictures of the new members of our family ......8 chicken eggs. Mommy Meatloaf was very nice to give us some eggs so we can hatch them, we do have to give them back though. I remember doing this in kindergarten and thought it would be a great learning experience for Austin and Chloe. We started a journal so we can track how our eggs are doing each week and I will be posting them here so everyone can follow . Austin did name his eggs: Two, Egg, Ryan, Molly, Miles, Hailey, Russy, and Poop (yes he did name one poop).


  1. oh my goodness, gotta love two year old names!!

  2. Poor Poop, he is going to have such a complex! Melissa


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