Friday, March 5, 2010

Opps! I forgot the "after" picture

Okay, I forgot to post this "after" picture this morning when I posted my refashion=p So, when my husband came home for lunch I had him take a picture. However, I had just given my bathroom and kitchen a deep cleaning so I cut off my head in the picture to spare you the shock=) To see the before click here.


  1. Did you dye it black in 10 minutes too? or is that just the camera?

  2. I love it! Super cute and even though you didn't want your face in the camera, I see sweet Bella snuck her face in the picture! ;-)

  3. Sandy, Nope didn't dye it - Just the lighting=)

    Angela, Yeah she did sneak in, but she looks kind of strange in this pictures, doesn't she? :p


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