Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Cutest Slippers

I think this is going to go on the top of my project list!! SUPER CUTE! Check out french press knits blog where you can buy the pattern:)

Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I have a confession...

 Scarf I made for Miles (Austin's BFF)

I've been slacking on the sewing yeap I said it.  Phew! It's off my chest.  Why? Well for the next couple of weeks I will be hosting a bridal shower, birthday party, bachelorette, I'm in a wedding and in between all of that more birthday parties. Oh and more importantly a birth (well I won't be there but I will be waiting anxiously).  So I have been busy doing that. 

In between taking deep breaths and planning, I am knitting away. Yeap a new love that I have found. I tried making a hat and pulled it out four times (the pictures from a previous post was a hat gone wrong). So I went back to the basics and I'm learning how to make a dishcloth.  Can anyone recommend any knitting blogs??

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Drum Roll Please.........

The winner of the Mommies Three Giveaway Hat is..........Kate at  Congrats Kate! Check your email :)

Thank you everyone for participating in our giveaway and much love to the Mommies Three girls for hosting this. YOUR AWESOME!  Check out their website for more of their really cute stuff.

Creative Vibes To You,

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Easiest Little Hat

Bella hate hats, and she especially hated the one I made her wear.  It straped under her chin and was just a little too bg so when she turned her head one of her eyes was covered.  I know - Poor neglected child!  Well something had to be done (actually I just misplaced her hat so...=)

I had some white chenille yarn in my stash and had recently seen this post from The Sewing Dork or I decided to give it a go.  You have to understand the only thing I have ever crocheted was a rug and most things that I start with yard end up on the needle for a couple of years and then pulled out and rewrapped into a ball.  All that to say this is SO SIMPLE.

I modified the Sewing Dork's pattern a little for a faster result=)

Here's how it goes...

1.  Make a slip knot and chain 6 and then form a circle with the chain by making a slip stitch into your first chain.  This will be the tight center circle of your hat.

2. From here on out it is super simple.  Crochet two new double stitches into each existing stitch.  So you go from 6 stitches in the first circle to 12 in the next.  From here it is adding stitches by feel.  The weight of your material and the size of your stitches will determine how many stitches will be in each of the next circles. For the first few circles  I crochet two new double stitches into each existing stitch.  Then I start to do every other then ever will get the feel of it.

3.  Then I just keep going round and round until my piece covers the top of her head.  From the point I stop increasing.  Just crochet until the hat is long enough.  Ta-da.  It may sound complicated if you have never crocheted but it really easy!  I suggest finding a friend who can show you - Thanks Mrs. Carol! - or a good youtube video.

You can leave your hat as is or add some embellishments.  Tomorrow I will  introduce you to one of the coolest sewing tools ever that I used to embellish my niece's hat!  I know you can barely contain your excitement=)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Spotlight on Brenda

I had to share with everyone this beautiful quilt that my friend, Brenda, has been working on for a year.  It is a block of the month quilt, she gets the fabric to make four blocks per month for one year. She started in February 09.   Each block has the same black background fabric and features two different batiks per block.    She is a very talented and extremely crafty. I remember her telling me when we worked together (she is my former boss and now good friend) that her and her mother would go away for quilting weekends :) What a great way to spend some quality time with your mom and craft. Very therapeutic I might add :)

I really love sharing other woman's crafty projects. I believe that is inspiring to see how the amazing things that other women make (men too) and gets motivated to start crafting yourself.  So, if you see me posting a lot on what others do, its because I really enjoy showing the artist in everyone.

Thank you Brenda for letting me share this with everyone.  Oh, she also sells Alto's QuiltCut2 quilt cutting systems. and Martelli Rotary Cutters   If anyone is intersted email her at

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mommies Three Giveaway!

I decided to do another giveaway in honor of Valentine's Day!! The amazing ladies at Mommies Three were so awesome to host this :) We will be giving away this really cute trendy hat with cute flowers on it.  It's really awesome hat to have especially when you don't have time to fix your hair (like me ).  Check out their blog they have other really cute items.

I asked Mommies Three the story behind how they got started.  Keri, of the Mommies Three, stated:
Basically I started making hair bows and tutus from my daughter and 3 nieces.  My friends at work started asking about the bows and tutus and before I knew it I had sold several tutus to a few co workers.  Another friend from work Laurie, started making covered wipes cases and paci clips.  We thought it would be fun to have a little "show" in the deli of our office building.  We invited another friend who does sews burp cloths and onsies to join us.  After our first show in the deli of our office building,  we decided to take our items to craft shows.  Thus far we've only done a few shows, and we hope to do a few more in that fall.  We decided on the name Mommies Three since there are three of us and we are all moms.  Something unique about the three of us is we all work full time outside of our homes, so Mommies three is just a part time thing for each of us currently.  We have only been doing it seriously for about 8 months or so and have only been to a few shows.  It's hard to juggle a full time job, a husband, and kids along with crafting, but each of us love what we do and it a great sense of accomplishment and pride when someone actually loves something we make.

Amazing! Kudos to them for juggling their career, their passion for crafting and more importantly their families :) Love hearing stories like this.

Ok back to the giveaway! You know the drill, these are the various ways to enter. Become a follower or facebook fan of Mamma Tortilla AND Mommies Three. Leave a comment and say that you blogged or tweeted about this giveaway, make sure you leave your blog site on the comment space. Or you could post on your Facebook putting a link back to Mamma Tortilla or Mommies Three. No matter which way you choose, please leave a comment for each. And please please make sure to leave an email address or someway to get a hold of you, pretty please :)

The winner will be selected by on February 17th ! I will read every comment and visit your site as well :). Good Luck and POST AWAY!!

Leslie :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Warm & Fuzzy

These fingerless gloves were super easy to make.  I just cut off the sleeves of the sweater and resized them to make them fit my arm. By the way, I threw the sweater in the wash with hot water.  Then I sewed down where I wanted my thumb to be.  Lastly, I added stretchy hem tape.  There you go :) I was going to add buttons to them but I got so excited that they were done and I wanted to wear them, that I said "forget it, they are cute just they way they are."

BYE BYE old wool sweater and HELLO cute fingerless gloves!  Now my hands are all warm & fuzzy.   My husband has been making fun of me because I love them so much I will make any excuse to wear them around the house :) As you see, I wear them inside the house while I drink my tea :)

Hope you have a crafty day,

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Brrrrrrrrrr.....It's Cold

If you live in the East Coast right now, you know that we are getting slammed with a lot of snow. That being said, we are all snuggled in at home enjoying the time we are having with our families. While we have been stuck indoors, I've been doing some knitting. Really its been knitting 101 for me. I actually love knitting now (the little that I have done). It's relaxing and I can go anywhere with it. We even piled ourselves in the car last night and went to Michaels to get some more yarn :) We were the only ones in the store...haha.

Send some warm vibes to Melissa she has had no electricity and when she got it back we got another storm!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

And The Winner Is....

Charlotte Starett!! Congratulations! We are so excited for you. Email us and we will arrange with Abbie from Bunny Lane Designs to get your beautiful doll to you.

Thank you everyone for participating in our giveaway. A special thank you and big hug to Abbie for hosting it. We love your stuff. We will be having another giveaway shortly so stay tuned!

The Mamma Tortilla Girls,

Leslie & Melissa

Monday, February 1, 2010


In my hunt to find out more about fabric designing, I discovered Spoonflower. This company allows you to print YOUR OWN fabric design. Yeap you read it right. YOUR OWN FABRIC DESIGN (ok,I might be the last person who has heard of this but I am really excited). The even better part is that you don't have to have Illustrator or Photoshop to design your fabric. You just need a scanner! Ok, and maybe some other things. I haven't tried it yet but its on my to do list for this week (with a million other things...hehe).

I wanted to share this with everyone who is interested in doing this. If you have already tried it let me know what you think. I will post a picture of the fabric I eventually design :)

P.S. Don't forget that Lizzy House's ebook comes out today, How to Enter the World of Textiles: For the Quilting Industry. Go to her blog and find out the status on the book. There might be a slight delay but she is working hard to get it online.
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