Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Bodkin

Okay I know I have been missing for a while, but it seems like since I came home from Texas, Bella and I have been falling in and out of one sickness or another=p  We are both starting to feel better and I do have quite a few things to share.
   First, remember that awesome tool I wanted to share - the one that I said I would share the next day and then disappeared?  Okay, for less than $2 your life will now be complete...well maybe not...but at least a little easier=)

Introducing the Bodkin!  (If you already know about this just act surprised to humor me)

I purchased a pattern online from a lady in Australia and she mentioned this tool.  I had never heard of it and wondered if I could even find it.  Well, there it was in Jo-ann's with all the sewing notions. 

Are you wondering why you need this tool?  Well, you know when you need to run elastic through a seem?  You have to get a safety pin from your sewing basket, only to realize the one you had you stole for that outfit you wore last week!  When you finally find it, you start trheading the elastic through and then *slip* the safetly pin comes undo inside the seem!!!

Well, no more, my good people!  The bodkin is made just for this purpose and is awesome!  Go!  Buy!  for a $1.50 you can't go wrong=)

Here is the other hat I made for my niece and I used the bodkin to thread some ribbon through the holes (1 minute max). 

Enjoy.  And if you already knew about it...well then... shame on you for not telling me. =)

Make your life beautiful,

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