Friday, March 26, 2010

Guest Tutorial From My Repurposed Life

Please welcome Gail from My Repurposed Life who is doing a guest tutorial here today. We are so excited to have her :)

Hi, my name is Gail. I would like to thank Leslie and Melissa for inviting me by to get to know you.  I write a blog called My Repurposed Life. This is what I say in my profile “I am a mom, aunt, sister, cousin and friend to many. I am in the process of repurposing my life, after many life changing incidents. I love to look for trash to turn into treasures! It is what makes me happy, and keeps me busy.”
Coat Rack Memo Board

I bought this little beauty at the Peddler’s Mall months ago for less than $5.00. (of course!)

I’ve been debating on what it wanted to be when it grows up. I finally decided that it wanted to be a memo board. Since I didn’t have a bulletin board the right size, I repurposed a ceiling tile that I got at the Habitat for Humanity restore for .10 cents. I measured it and carefully cut it with a utility knife.

I used burlap to cover it. However, if you look closely you will see that I first lined it with paper. I didn’t like how thin the burlap was, allowing the ceiling tile texture to show through.

I taped it all down. I added some webbing for an extra detail and an additional option for holding items. I used hot glue to hold the webbing down. It’s looking a little ugly on the back --

--so I used some white craft paper to cover it all up. I then added some d-rings for hanging.

ta-da! All done! I love the look of the burlap and the webbing together.
I love making pushpins out of unique items. Here you see that I made them out of Scrabble tiles and very old “wooden” checkers.

Pretty cool, huh? I really like the way it turned out!

My Repurposed Life

Gail- Thank you so much for coming over today and doing one of your amazing tutorials. Go stop by her blog to find all the other treasures she has created!

Leslie & Melissa

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