Friday, March 12, 2010



Notice anything different? yeap, its a Refashion Friday for Mamma Tortilla. Emily, from The Rubber Punkin, was nice enough, cool enough, amazing enough, and just plain out AWESOME to help out in refashioning Mamma Tortilla. She created this amazing banner and the button. Thank you so much Emily. Your the best Blogger Amiga EVER!! She was able to incorporate everything that represents Mamma Tortilla. Even the design is from my, Leslie, favorite apron in the world. We hope everyone loves it as much as we do!

SO GRAB THE BUTTON. Spread the word about Mamma Tortilla!! Invite us over to your blog, email us, chat with us. Let's grab a virtual cup of tea together. Let's hear from our readers. What do you guys want to see on Mamma T, suggestions, love notes, funny jokes, pictures, or maybe just a plain hi.

Much Love,


  1. ooh, it's like moving the furniture around ... one of my favorite things to do :)


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