Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Bright Spot - Tissue Flower Tutorial

More from my living room update! In the corner of my living room is my favorite piece of furniture of all time - a 1949 cabinet.  I found it at a yard dale for $40!!! I about fainted when she said the price.

Okay anywho, I needed a tall "something" to place on top and was coming up empty.  Then while browsing Martha Stewart's website I saw some wedding flowers made from tissue paper.  Brilliant!

So, I took some bright blue tissue paper and with an Easter bush in mind created this...
Not over the top but just enough "pop" to make it a perfect - and it looks great next to my new thrifted vintage hat box.

I loved the outcome!  It is so cheery and - bonus - I don't have to water them and they will never die=)

To create your own here is what you will need:
- Hot glue gun
- Tissue paper cut into small squares

I first crumpled the squares of tissue paper to give it more depth
Then I flattened it out a little and grabbed the middle and "fluffed" out and up.
Add a little dab of hot glue (this is a little blurry because I was rushing to take the picture and get the flower on before it dried!)
And place on the branches...
repeat until your branch is full!

I also did little ones to look like buds=)
It was the perfect touch to my new fabulous living room.!

Make your life beautiful!


  1. What a neat (and easy) idea! Shared it on Twitter. :)

  2. awesome !!! easy nk simple... very nice

  3. I love this. I am going to make them for my center peices for my class mothers day brunch
    thank you


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