Thursday, April 1, 2010

4 Party Ideas from 1 Fun Mamma!

eWe have an exciting day here on Mamma Tortilla! We are happy to introduce to you Jill, a super fun mom, who was kind enough to share some awesome parties she has hosted for her twin girls. So sit back and get ready to be inspired=)

1st Birthday - The 2 Silly Monkeys
idea taken from one of their favorite books at the time...5 Silly Monkeys!)

We made mini bundt cakes--banana flavored with a light powdered sugar icing since this was their first taste of cake...sugar overload! I had found a chocolate mold at Hobby Lobby that was the linking arm monkeys from Barrel of Monkeys so those hung from the side of each little cake. We also had miniature banana splits. Since all their little buddies were fairly young at the time and messy little eaters we made white garbage bag full body bibs that said MONKEYING AROUND or GOING BANANAS AT REESE AND RUMOR'S BIRTHDAY PARTY! It made for easy clean-up!
My favorite part of their party had to have been their outfits though. I took a boring pair of jean shorts and a t-shirt from Walmart and transformed them into a cute outfit with a lot of detail. The back of the shorts have bananas made from felt sewn on and ribbon trim all around the legs. The t-shirt has a felt monkey face sewn on. Their little party hats are actually paper plates with felt, ribbons and a pompom attached...they looked so cute in them!

The twins 2nd Birthday!
2 Ring Circus

We sugared the kids up this year!
My mom made snowcones and each kid was greeted with one.
We had cotton candy, puff-corn, corndogs, circus peanuts and of course a GIANT CIRCUS CAKE! My first attempt at making a 3 tierd cake...I almost dropped it on the way outside!
The cupcakes were made to look like cotton candy and popcorn.
My friends 3 older children dressed up like the RingMaster, Strongman and Tightrope Walker. We had a stuffed lion and made a Circus tent from red and yellow plastic tableclothes.
Each kid got a foarm red nose and clown shoes...way fun!
And since the kids were a bit older this year we had games too...ball toss, fishing pond, pin the nose on the clown...but mostly we played.

For our twins 3rd birthday, we had a Luau!

My favorite part was the volcano that blew bubbles! I made it out of chicken wire and alot of plaster then painted it brown and had orange plastic flames and bubbles coming out the top. Mt Wannahaukalugi :) stole the name from Nemo! We put sand and seashells around the volcano too.
We also made a Tiki Hut using straw table clothes found at Target and Straw placemats we already owned...Twin-Ki Hut!
I found blow up palm trees and tiki posters from Oriental Trading. We set up pools and sprinklers for the kids to play in. The snowcones were such a big hit last year that we did it again this year and each kid got a cup cozy with a Luau scene on it.
The cakes...again, my favorite part (well next to the roasting hog with apple)...the volcano one started to crack...probably sensing its eruption...we put sparklers in it for a nice added leat the daddies thought it was cool!
It was yet another fun party!

Ironically enough, our FANCY NANCY 4th Birthday Party was by far the most simple!
The kids played dress up and decorated top-hats and tiaras. Then we opened gifts and ate cake. The table was set so cute and the kids all looked so cute sitting around it together. The girls decorated place mats for each of their friends and we had sparkles and pretties on the table. The kids ate cupcakes and parfaits (that's fancy for ice cream...from FANCY NANCY's book). I made the girls outfits again this year...except the tutus, I bought those. We curled their hair and added tiaras to make them look extra fancy. Another fun party!

Jill, Thanks so much for sharing your awesome parties with us. You are such a creative and fun mamma!

Have fun planning your parties and let us know how they turn out!

Leslie and Melissa

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  1. Hi Leslie!
    We recently held Birthday Party #5 for our girls...COWGIRLS! It was alot of fun! Maybe one of these days I'll get photos up on my blog :)
    Thanks again for sharing my girls parties with everyone! It's fun to look back and see them!
    Planning to post photos today at
    Take care!


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