Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pants to Lacy Scarf

I can't get enough of Ruffles and Stuff - Disney's style is awesome and I love to copy her projects=)  Here is the latest one I have put my spin on.  I took these 60 cent girls super soft pants, cut the legs off, sewed them together and closed the edges.

Then I "borrowed" my mothers basket of lace (as you read this blog you will find that I love to "borrow" from my mom's sewing room!)

Then I just sewed the lace down the length of the scarf.  I would suggest pinning first to make sure you have the strips spaced correctly.  I wear this as scarf by day ...

and when I went out on my anniversary with my husband I wore it as a shawl.

Normally, I'm not a lace kind of girl, but this scarf is to Anthropology too turn away from=)  Okay, no more scarfs...for now=)


  1. Love your scarf so much I might have to pull out some lace from my stash and make one of my own.

  2. I made this project too. I love Disney's blog. I could do her projects everyday. Unfortunately, life doesn't allow for that. Your brilliant use of the pants is great!


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