Thursday, January 21, 2010

Finger Puppets and a Call for HELP

Okay, the madness has begun!  I am headed to Texas to see my grandmother on Monday and since Bella is high energy (read: won't stay still for a minute=) I have decided to make/collect all new toys that she hasn't seen before.  Yes, by Monday...3 days!  I started with these finger puppets.

The tutorial came from Make Your Own Baby Stuff and can be found here.  I used a crinkly bib for the frog to add a sound element, hopefully to keep her attention just a bit longer=)  I think my pig looks more like a dog but I don't think Bella will notice=) Stay tuned for more toys (and hopefully a few refashions for me!).  I also made a car seat cover for the airport that I hope to post soon.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or tips on flying with a 10 month old please share!  She is an avid nurser so that will help with the ear pressure and I'm hoping she will sleep, since I planned the flight at her nap time, but I want to prepare for the worst=) Super excited for Bella to meet her great-memaw, wish me luck and share your wisdom!

Make your life beautiful!

P.S. Look for our first giveaway and a great guest tutorial early next week!

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