Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Special Hand Delivered Poem

Today I received a hand delivered written poem.

Not an email

Not printed by a computer

Not "snail mail"

A good ol' fashioned handwritten, hand delivered letter

And I wanted to share because a lot of our followers are moms, crafters, wives, employees, etc.

"The House Didn't Get Cleaned Today"
- A Poem to Remind You Why Thats Ok
The last time someone asked me what I've been up to, I didn't know what to say~ The house didn't get cleaned today ~ My career didn't advance~ My life didn't get any more organized than it was before ~ My "to-do" list didn't begin to get done; it might have even grown by an inch or two! I didn't live up to my horoscope's prediction for the day~ I didn't even have time to remember which bills needed to be paid~ I barely managed to get a bite of lunch, let alone transform macaroni into the "evening entree"~ The last time I looked, I don''t think my waistline gotten much smaller, but I'm pretty sure the bank balance has~ I'm not driving the latest car, or living in my dream house, or doing lots of other things some people think are essential to do~ but I am doing something that's the most important thing in the entire world to me......
I'm cherishing the moments, I'm trying to meet the challenges, and I'm doing my part to raise a very precious family~
-Laurel Atherton
I had to share this with everyone because it is so true! So when everything feels like its piling up and things aren't getting done (especially keeping up with the blogging). Come back to this post and read it. Makes you smile and puts everything in perspective.

p.s. Thank you Katie!

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