Thursday, January 28, 2010

Memaw's Quilts

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Somethings will forever bring wonderful memories to me and Memaw's quilts are one of those things. The memories associated with her many quilt's include things like throwing them over the dinning room table and having a fort with the cousins or cuddled underneath whispering late into the night.

Visiting my Memaw's house now as a mother (and sewing addict=)  I've decided that that is what I want for my kids and grand kids - the hall closet that is filled with memories in quilt form.

Besides it is one of the few things that become more charming the more worn it becomes.

I'm on a mission...

Make your life beautiful! 


  1. So beautiful...I could almost smell the freshly laundered scent and feel the coziness as I looked at all these lovelies. I hope you acomplish your mission.

  2. Thanks Cindi! I'm actually working on my first full size quilt now so wish me luck=)


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