Thursday, January 7, 2010

25 New Year's Resolutions for Going Green

Head over to on 25 things you can do to go green in 2010! Here's some of things I am going to aim to do:

1. Banish paper and plastic bags from your life. Always carry at least one reusable bag with you and it will soon be as routine as grabbing your keys when you head out. Don't won't want to spend the money on reusable bags. Head over to Dana at Made and see her tutorial on how to make reusable bags.
2. Recycle anything and everything you can. Even if you have to drive items to a depot once a month, it's worth it to save raw materials.
3. Start composting -- it's simple and you get free fertilizer.
4. Buy a bike, or build one at your local bike shop. While other people are stuck in the snarl of rush hour traffic, you'll breeze by and be home much more quickly.
5. Start my own vegetable garden.
6. Try to eat only organic, raw, local produce.

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