Monday, January 25, 2010

Guest Tutorial from Rubber Punkin

On Monday, our tutorial was featured on Rubber Punkin and today Emily has her own tutorial here on Mamma Tortilla.  We are excited to feature the...

Embellished Onesie (with a big girl version too=)

1.  Hold the fabric panel up to the collar of your shirt.  You can either use a marking pencil and trace along the neckline so you know where to cut, or you can fold the edge under (using the collar as a guide) and iron flat.  Cut out the fabric panel to your desired shape and size, but be sure the collar meets flush with the neckline.

2.  Fold the rough edges of the fabric panel under about a 1/4" and iron flat.  Starch comes in handy at this step because it makes your creases nice and crisp.  Pin the panel to your shirt.  Use LOTS of pins because the jersey will stretch and pucker if you don't.

3.  Sew the fabric panel to the shirt, sticking close to the edge.

4.  Embellish it however you please.  I embellished a white onesie(top) with a collection of vintage buttons atop lace, sticking with the white color scheme.  With the purple shirt, however, I just sewed a ruffle down the center. I'm planning on adding a variety of black ribbon later. If you would like a tutorial on how to make this ruffle, please leave a comment on this post.

Like I always say, make this your own.  Sew on strips of silk ribbon, fabric rosettes, lace, you name it!  It's just the tip to make a blah shirt a little more interesting.   Plus, it's super simple... my favorite. 

Thanks so much!  We love simple and hate boring so this is a perfect tutorial for Mamma Tortilla! Such an easy project that has such a huge impact.


  1. I love this...such easy to follow instructions too. Thanks. Have you entered my giveaway yet?

  2. YAY! Thanks girls! That was a fun little swap! Have a great week!

  3. I would like to know how you made the ruffle, please! Great project!


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