Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Best Baby Toy in the World

It doesn't get much easier than this. No sewing and in a matter of minutes you have an awesome toy that doesn't get old and has great practical value!

I have a cold right now and there is a tissue box next to the bed within arms reach of Bella. I often turn around and find her with the box between her feet and the tissues spread all around. So, I gave her her own tissue box. With cloth tissues. She will sit there for at least 20 minutes pulling the tissues out and handing them to me or putting them next to her. Then I just gather them all up and put them back in the box for round two! This is great because we use them as tissues as well - one less thing in our house that is disposable!
I gifted these to one of my nieces who loves to play with tissues and also for a sister who doesn't use disposable...well...anything=) Great for the environment, your wallet and a super easy gift!

- 1 empty tissue box
- cloth for tissues - I used fun animal/fish/bug prints that I got for free and didn't see myself using for anything else. They are all hues of green and ended up looking really nice in the green striped tissue box. However, next time I might use flannel to make it a little softer for noses.
- pinking shears (or the willingness to hem each cloth)

1. Cut your cloth into squares (the size is completely up to you I just used a tissue as a rough guide)
2. Put into the tissue box

Told you it was easy=)

Make your life beautiful,


  1. This is a great idea, perfect for the age! And if she gets tired of the cloths, try swapping in lids from frozen orange juice or canning jars, my kids loved those.

  2. so awesome, not sure why I've never seen this done before as EVERY child loves tissues. brilliant! I'm totally copying you tonight; even without a cold. (we're actually at the point where we're out of tissues, b/c my 1y/o daughter has destroyed them all... I'm wondering now about making a fabric-covered tissue box... out of something sturdier, like heavy cardboard, or that crosstitch plastic grid....


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