Thursday, October 15, 2009

Refashioned Friday

So Fridays are officially Refashioned Fridays. Every Friday me and my partner in crime, melissa west(by the way check out her blog and website), will be refashioning our clothes. No patterns. Just our wicked imagination and desire to reuse:). So these are our first batch of clothes we refashioned. I will include the steps we took and pics. The deal we have is that we will wear them all day Friday no matter what the outcome is. We would love to hear your thoughts. (by the way this is our first tutorial sort of speak so bare with us as we learn). Drum roll please..................

1- old Guess shirt that I no longer fit into because well I GOT MILK!!
1-yellow thread

1. I cut the top off wear your boobs are supposed to fit. VIOLA YOU HAVE A SKIRT!
2. I took part of the triangle from the top and sewed on the skirt to make a pretend pocket.
3. Cut the rest of the top length wise to make scraps and sewed them together to make a headband.

VIOLA!! HERE I AM! lol. please keep in mind it was 11:00 at night when the picture was taken.

ok now for Melissa's refashion (her's is super cute).

One yellow shirt from honeymoon in Ireland. I love this shirt but it shrunk so is was like a suction cup!
One boring green shirt that I never wore
One pair of cut happy scissors
One crazy zigzag stitch in green thread
One Sharpie to cover up the size

1. Cut stripes from yellow shirt -saved tag
2. Arranged yellow pieces on green shirt, and arranged again, and again, and again...
3. Used marker to over size on tag
4. Pinned pieces into place and sewed in totally random lines. I turned the shirt on a whim and randomly back-stitched. Note: careful not to go through both layers of the shirt - duh!)

Result - Funky refashioned shirt. Not bad for the first time! (refashion4)

Les :)

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  1. Okay, Melissa has a good eye. If I did a shirt like that, it would totally look like my 2-year-old did it. But this looks good!


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