Thursday, October 8, 2009



The change of leaves RED, ORANGE, AND BROWN!!!! the smell of homemade apple pie, the taste of warm apple cider, the sight of pumpkins and sound of kids playing in the leaves. Thats what I love about Autumn. (i dont like calling it fall). Autumn is my favorite time of the year. Since the weather has been changing my family and I have been out picking apples, berries, pumpkins and whatever else we can find. The kids have been loving it. Austin is now the professional picker. He knows what to do, its so cute. What I love about it is watching my hubby and kids get so into. We also went apple picking with some of my good friends and their kids. It was a blast. We got some awesome pictures. Just the fact that they are picking their own produce and bringing it home to make something fresh just tickles me. Oh i wished i owned a farm ;) maybe in the future.


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