Thursday, October 22, 2009

Refashion Friday:Tube Top to Bag and Skirt to Apron!

This week I decided to take an old tube top that I had and make it into a bag. I used chocolate brown burlap material for the lining. I used every piece of the tube top for the bag. The handles were also part of the shirt. Love being able to do that. Nothing goes to waste. So here's mine (DONT FORGET TO SCROLL DOWN FOR MELISSA'S REFASHION ITS FABULOUS)

This is what the tube top looked like pre-refashion!

Cutting the fabric out :)

Can't wait to wear it out! or maybe I'll do a giveaway....hmmm.

Melissa took an old skirt and refashioned into a beautiful apron! Maybe I'll convince her that I need it more :) haha. She even did a fabulous tutorial with pictures.


1. skirt that I loved that acquired a few stains and that seemed to shrink after pregnancy=)

2. pinking shears - wow didn't need to use these but so much fun!

3. tin full of old buttons


1. & 2. cut off front panel of skirt.

3. cut two strips for apron ties

4. cut off lining at the top of the ties

5. ironed ties

6. folded ties in half and ironed then sewed down side leaving top and bottom opened

7. & 8. Used safety pin to turn ties right side out

9. Cut 1 1/2 in. off the top of the front panel and then cut off another 5 inches and tossed that strip

10. pinned top strip to the bottom of the skirt (making sure to evenly distribute tucks)

11. pinned ties to side of skirt and sewed down edges

12. sewed random off white buttons to the top strip

13. Mamma wanted vintage...mamma got vintage=)Loved the skirt - adore the apron!

Have A Happy Friday!

les & melissa


  1. WOW!! I must say that I love these much more than last week's. Not that they weren't lovely, these just seem like they'll really be put to a lot more use. Leslie, instead of just hosting a giveaway, maybe you just give the bag to me :) And Melissa, I did make you an apron, so really, you should give this apron to me :) Yup, sounds perfect!!

  2. I hate doing dishes. More than anything. But today I put on my apron and the dishes were almost fun to do. Almost =) Must have good vibes!

  3. so cute! and so simple... i'm gonna go through the attic for things that go with our new kitchen towels and make some aprons...


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