Sunday, October 25, 2009

Clutter Clutter Clutter

C lutter! Before we had kids, I was a cleaning fanatic. There was no clutter in my house (ok maybe a drawer or two) and over the years it's become a little compulsive :) You would have hated to be my roommate in college (ok, I know that my college roommates are reading this and laughing because it's true). Now that we have a family, clutter has crept in my house and decides to stay every once in awhile. All of you mammas know, that the laundry piles up, there dirty dishes in the sink, bathrooms need to be clean, your kids spill something on your white carpet/couches, your drawers look like a tornado came through, and I can go on and on. Lately, not only is it hard to keep up with the daily house chores, I have noticed that we have accumulated CLUTTER! just stuff. pointless stuff.

Since my kids have been sick, Scott and I have been going through the house cleaning and getting rid of stuff. We just finished packing our car up and most of our clutter is on it's way to a donation center. WOW IT FELT SO GOOD TO GET RID OF STUFF! But there is so much left to do especially since there is a huge project underway.

Here at Mamma Tortilla's House, there is a huge renovation going on in my laundry room (my fresh laundry room!). My crafting area is being updated, modernized, organized, and becoming Mamma Tortilla's small oasis. I wasn't going to mention it but I'm getting really excited. It's going to be my creative studio!!!! So here is a sneak peak of where I sneak off to when I sew, blog, do laundry, and have complete zen!

My favorite gift, my desk. Yes, I know the walls are BLAH!

My craft area! Not to exciting but wait until its all done!

Les :0)

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  1. I like your race number hanging over your sewing machine. I can't find mine since the move :(


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