Saturday, October 31, 2009

Refashion Saturday!

Sorry for the delay on posting but with costume making, parades, dinners and parties.........well, Refashion Friday got pushed to Saturday :) No worries it was worth the wait. Melissa and I did some great stuff this week. I tackled on a tutorial (super cute) and Melissa took a yucky dress and made it into BEAUTY!
Ok, so my refashion is actually my second attempt in trying to make this specific ruffle shirt! One of my favorite blogs that I follow for refashioning amazements is My Mamma Made It. She is always doing some awesome refashions, check her out. So I decided to try out one of her tutorials, for the second time. The first time was a disaster. This time I was very happy with the results:)

Before (well after I cut the sleeves off)


See, I do wear my Refashion creations out! Chloe and I at Jackson Road Elementary for the Halloween Parade!

Like I mentioned before Melissa tackled on a huge project this week. Here are the alterations she made to this dress:

Ruffled and shortened sleeves added tucks to skirt to give it more umph=)added ruffle to bottom cut round neck line and added ruffle added sash



Haha. Im trying to be serious and not smile. IMPOSSIBLE TASK!


Les & Melissa


  1. Love the ruffles, took the shirt from okay to awesome. I love one of a kind clothing. Melissa, whoa, that was a lot of work!
    p.s. what were you doing up at 6 am???

  2. i LOVE this dress... it is so beautiful and very autumnish (to me at least), i'm getting a little jealous... :)


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