Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sewing Dork Exchange

  Melissa and I did the gift exchange over at Sewing Dork's blog and I'm just getting around to showing everyone what Rachel sent me.  She saw that we did (and promise we will do) Refashion Fridays so she went ahead and refashioned a basic short-sleeved button down shirt into this fabulous apron.  The pictures don't do it any justice because this quality made!! love it. Thank you Rachel.

Here's what Rachel wrote me:
"When I first signed up for this, I wanted to refashion something, but I wasn't sure how my recipient would feel about that. Then I saw that you were participating in the refashion challenge and knew you wouldn't mind.   I forgot to take a "before" photo, but this just started out as a basic short-sleeved button down shirt.  The only distinctive feature was button tabs at the bottom of each sleeve, which I've incorporated into the final design. Enjoy" -Rachel@titus2homemaker




P.S.  I look awful!!!!! sorry i had to write that.  just focus on the apron not my cheesy self!


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