Thursday, December 31, 2009

Free Downloads for a Great New Year!

A new year always has me working toward better organization. And of course if you I am better organized I have more time to craft! I came across a few free (love that word=) downloads today that I thought might help to be organized. Hope you find them useful as well! Have a great new year!

Menu Planning:
A trip to the grocery store without a menu and list is a very dangerous thing for me. I get home wondering what I'll fix for dinner and why I bought all this random food. I normally find a crumpled old piece of paper and list my meals there. No more! In style I will plan! Okay, enough of that=p

from Nannygoat: Thirty Meals Plan

Probably the best idea I have heard in regards to meal planning. A little work to begin with but an amazing payoff! Here is how they explain it:

Okay, this is so simple and yet SO BRILLIANT!
The idea is to find 30 meals that your family loves MOST and compile those meals/ recipes so that they are easy to access. Then make a master list of all the ingredients you would need for all of those meals so you can keep your cupboards (and food storage) stocked so that on any given night you can pick a meal and whip it up in a jiffy or plan a week-month at a time... easy peasy!

from Nannygoat: Save the Date Organizer
This is an amazing way to organize all those dates, anniversaries, birthdays that you are supposed to remember but struggle with. Wish I had come up with this awesome idea=) Here is how they explain it:

Fill out these sheets with all the information you need to remember your loved ones special dates. It includes all the ways you can get a hold of your loved one (address, phone #, email, facebook, etc) to tell them "Happy Birthday". Oh, and when your BFF mentions to you that she loves that thing she saw at the store today hurry and write it down under "gift ideas" so when her birthday or Christmas comes along you know exactly what to get her!

from The Rubber Punkin: Super Cute Circle Labels
These are already downloaded on my computer waiting to be printed. She has some that are already labeled and some that are blank. She also has different designs: funky and fun and classy and chic. A new blog worth following!

For the kiddos:
From Living Locurto - Morning routine cards. These are fun and colorful and I might print them to help me in my bleary-eyed mornings=) Sometimes that third step gets completely forgotten (love my fuzzy, pink robe=) and step ie ie!

From Alpha Mom - Lunch box notes

I kind of wish that I had a packed lunch so I could get these=) Even if your kids are home during the day or you homeschool - this would be a sweet way of saying I love you during a snack break or at their seat at breakfast or lunch. You could even slip it in your spouses lunch box=)

Make your life beautifully organized!

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  1. How do I get the menu planning document to print. I saved the file and it is very low res so when I make the image bigger in a Word doc you can't even read the writing.


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