Monday, December 21, 2009

Simple and Fast Christmas Table Decoration

I was so excited when Les asked me to join her on Mamma Tortilla!  So here I am with my first post=)

Yesterday afternoon the house was its usual weekend messy and at 3:00 we decided to ask over a couple to dinner (the only ones who could make it through the 2 feet of snow to our house in the woods)  Dinner was at 6.  Let's review -- messy house + no dinner plans + company coming in 3 hours = ahhhhh!  Well it wasn't that bad=) Nothing like company to get that bathroom spiffy! 

The house was clean and the stew simmering so I turned my attention to the table.  It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when the table is pretty, but I had just a few minutes before our friends came and I still had to make the biscuits.  I decided to go for simple and classy (read - the least amount of work=)

Rolled the napkins, tied a ribbon and slipped in a candy cane. Easy peasy!

Stamped names on scrapbook paper (had hubby cut it out and clean the stamps=)

Added a few candles...voila...simple and classy=)
Make your Christmas beautiful!

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