Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Granny slippers to 50's hot mamma slipper tutorial

A few weeks ago I saw a tutorial for granny-to-chic slippers at one of my favorite blogs Ruffles and Stuff. So yesterday I found these slippers...

at Target for $2.50! I liked them but didn't love them. So, with Disney's slippers as my inspiration, I transformed my own granny slippers into, what my husband calls...

50's hot mamma slippers!

The how-to is below. It is so simple and took less than an hour.

What you need:
1 pair of slippers
1 strip of material 14 x 1 1/4 ( I made a small cut and then ripped my material to get that frayed look)
needle and thread
coordinating button

1. Remove the bow that does not match at all.

2. Thread needle along one edge of the strip of material. Hold the end and pull to scrunch the edges and then curve to form a flower. *I'm sorry it's out of focus but it was hurry and post during nap time or never post at all=)*

3. Sew flower unto the slipper.

4. Cut two tulle circles -1 the size of the finished flower and 1 slightly smaller
5. Center the tulle on the flower and attach with needle and thread. The tulle is hard to see in the final picture but it adds depth and looks a lot better that just the flower.
6. Sew on button.
7. Enjoy cleaning and lounging around your house in fabulous slippers!

Make your life beautiful!

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