Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thank You for A Great Ornament Exchange!

                                                           Ornaments by Paige :)

Just wanted to send a shout out to all those who participated in the ornament exchange!! It was a success.  I was able to be there when two people received their ornaments and the excitement on their face was priceless.  It amazed me how a small gesture from someone you dont know has such an impact on someone's life.  Tears, jumping up and down, showing everyone the gift you got and the smiles were heart warming.  It really made me realize what the holidays were all about.

 One person was going through a family loss last week and was hosting the party at her parents house when knocking at the door was one of Santa's Elves, the Mail Man.  She grabs the present comes running in to the back room where I was with Chloe and says "I GOT MY ORNAMENT!!". She was so excited and ripped open the box and there was this beautiful handmade ornament! For that second this ornament brought a smile on her face when at the time we were grieving for the loss of our Uncle! WOW.

The second person,  was a little down because she had been going through a tough week and was sad because she hadn't gotten the tree up yet which she always gets up on the same day every year.  That day when everything seemed to be going wrong again the Mail Man came knocking and handed her box.  She came inside and her kids were gathered around her waiting anxiously to see what was inside.  She opened the box and  there was this ornament and she gasped.  Her eyes filled with tears and the kids where jumping up and down in excitement.  But wait, there was more in the box.  The person had sent her one of a kind greeting cards.  That made the tears come down even more!  What the person didn't know is that She LOVES cards!. 

So, it's not all about the expensive gifts during the holidays. It's the little stuff that counts, the ones that come from the heart.  The women who participated in this exchange will forever remember that ornament that came in the mail and will always have a story to tell!

Happy Holidays,

Mamma Tortilla


  1. Les,

    I was having a rough day as well when I got your ornament. Love it so much each time I look at it it makes me smile... and try to figure out how to replicate it=) Thanks for hosting this can't wait till next year!


  2. Sorry about their loss, by any chance were one of those boxes received from me? :)

  3. I was a day late mailing my ornament, but its on its way!!! I actually sent two in case one doesn't make it in one piece; hope she likes them.

  4. abbie- yeap one of those were your!


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