Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Greenhorns

My secret dream has always been to have a farm and have livestock. CRAZY I KNOW! When I was younger my mom always said she wanted a farm (she is actually looking to buy land in Colombia to have a farm). Since Austin and Chloe have been born, I have changed in so many different ways. I want to give them a farm and teach them how to take care of it, want them to go outside and breathe fresh air, I want them to learn how to grow and eat fresh vegetables, I want to show them how to sew and more importantly teach them how to appreciate the simpler things in life.

Since taking a leap of faith and going from a 9-5 career woman to a stay at home mom and living within our means. My outlook on food, clothing, commercialism, and wants vs. needs have changed. Its been hard trying to explain to friends how our lifestyle has changed and not having them judge us because now we don't have the money to have the "in" clothes or go out to dinner. I have learned to shop smarter, go to consignment stores/thrift stores, have learned how to make homemade applesauce!! Before I stayed home, I couldn't even boil water. NO JOKE! But, now that I have "less", my family and I are so much happier! Crazy how that works.

So my first step into farm life.....a chicken. Yes, my family and I will get an egg from Mommy Meatloaf and see it hatch into a chicken. Unfortunately, we can't keep it because of where we live but its our first step.

It feels really good to write this all down and actually get it out. So here is a clip from a documentary about young farmers. Maybe one day it will be The Rhodes Family :)


  1. So cool to hear more of your story. It is awesome to hear this, But, now that I have "less", my family and I are so much happier! Crazy how that works."

    I know it's true, and it's exciting to see you putting yourself out here like this. You go Rhodes fam :)

  2. Glad to see you are enjoying staying home and your "new life". :) Glad I can help a little!!


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