Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Thank You Cards

If you are anything like me you saved at least one or two pieces of the really pretty Christmas paper from your presents=) So, I decided to incorporate it into these thank you cards!

What you need:
blank cards or card stock
photo paper
leftover Christmas wrapping paper
stamps, ribbon, or other embellishments

1. Print out a small picture of the receiver using or wearing their gift. Nothing is better than receiving a thank you card with a picture of the gift you gave (of course this would not work if you are planning on returning or re-gifting that adorable snuggli;)
2. Arrange the paper and photo until you are happy with the placement then glue it all down.
3. Add embellishments or stamping, write your note and you are all set!


Unique and fun thank you cards!


Make your life beautiful!

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