Friday, April 9, 2010

Pillow Week: Sentimental Scrap Pillow by Cynthia at Sewing Dork

Please welcome Cynthia from Sewing Dork here today at Mamma Tortilla with another pillow tutorial! We are so happy to have her here and she has done a really cute pillow that you can cherish forever :)


Like to have a keepsake of your child's outgrown clothes?

Got an old pillow that needs a facelift?

Here's a tutorial to turn those old clothes into a pieced pillow:

1. Cut strips of several coordinating fabrics which are slightly longer than your pillow on all four sides. You need enough strips to completely cover the pillow with a few extra pieces overhanging the edges at left and right.

2. The strips of fabric can be all the same width, or of varying widths. Leave some in their rectangular shape, and cut others off centre as shown below.

3. Arrange your scraps:

4. Start sewing them together like a quilt top:

5. You will need your pieced-top to slightly overhang the pillow on all four sides.

6. Use a coordinating fabric for the backer. Cut one backer piece exactly the same size as your pieced top.

7. With right sides together, sew the backer to the top leaving one end open (like a pillowcase). Turn right side out and press. Insert your pillow, then sew up the fourth side. Done!

- The Sewing Dork (


We are definitely making this!! That was awesome. Thank you so much Cynthia! Please go check her blog out you won't regret it. Check in tomorrow for our last pillow tutorial!

Leslie & Melissa


  1. Wow it's wonderful I've the same pillow and it need a new dress too... Wonderful job! Francesca

  2. I love this! So much nicer than the standard patchwork. I just tried it and it looks great. I appreciate that people like you share your creativity. :)


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