Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jar Full of Wishes

First, I want to send a BIG thank you to Melissa for all the hard work and time she dedicated while being a part of Mamma T.  You will be missed but I know she will text me and say "les, oooo I did this awesome craft, post it." Even if she's not here she will probably be doing some behind the scenes stuff.  Thank you Melissa and I totally understand.  

Ok back on track, one of the assignments I had for my Persisting Stars class was to make a jar full of wishes. So I got a piece of paper cut it into strips, wrote down each of my wishes, and tied pretty ribbon on around them. I closed my eyes whispered the wish and dropped in a mason jar. Sounds silly? Try it! Everytime I say "I wish......". I run downstairs write down and throw it in the mason jar. Wishes do come true :) Who says we are too old to still dream and make wishes?


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