Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Easiest Little Hat

Bella hate hats, and she especially hated the one I made her wear.  It straped under her chin and was just a little too bg so when she turned her head one of her eyes was covered.  I know - Poor neglected child!  Well something had to be done (actually I just misplaced her hat so...=)

I had some white chenille yarn in my stash and had recently seen this post from The Sewing Dork or I decided to give it a go.  You have to understand the only thing I have ever crocheted was a rug and most things that I start with yard end up on the needle for a couple of years and then pulled out and rewrapped into a ball.  All that to say this is SO SIMPLE.

I modified the Sewing Dork's pattern a little for a faster result=)

Here's how it goes...

1.  Make a slip knot and chain 6 and then form a circle with the chain by making a slip stitch into your first chain.  This will be the tight center circle of your hat.

2. From here on out it is super simple.  Crochet two new double stitches into each existing stitch.  So you go from 6 stitches in the first circle to 12 in the next.  From here it is adding stitches by feel.  The weight of your material and the size of your stitches will determine how many stitches will be in each of the next circles. For the first few circles  I crochet two new double stitches into each existing stitch.  Then I start to do every other then ever 5...you will get the feel of it.

3.  Then I just keep going round and round until my piece covers the top of her head.  From the point I stop increasing.  Just crochet until the hat is long enough.  Ta-da.  It may sound complicated if you have never crocheted but it really easy!  I suggest finding a friend who can show you - Thanks Mrs. Carol! - or a good youtube video.

You can leave your hat as is or add some embellishments.  Tomorrow I will  introduce you to one of the coolest sewing tools ever that I used to embellish my niece's hat!  I know you can barely contain your excitement=)


  1. Bella is certainly living up to her name in that adorable hat. Great job...maybe I'll try one tonight for my little Bean.


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