Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I have a confession...

 Scarf I made for Miles (Austin's BFF)

I've been slacking on the sewing yeap I said it.  Phew! It's off my chest.  Why? Well for the next couple of weeks I will be hosting a bridal shower, birthday party, bachelorette, I'm in a wedding and in between all of that more birthday parties. Oh and more importantly a birth (well I won't be there but I will be waiting anxiously).  So I have been busy doing that. 

In between taking deep breaths and planning, I am knitting away. Yeap a new love that I have found. I tried making a hat and pulled it out four times (the pictures from a previous post was a hat gone wrong). So I went back to the basics and I'm learning how to make a dishcloth.  Can anyone recommend any knitting blogs??


  1. I have found help on They have a good community of knitters and Kelly has a blog, plus plenty of videos to help.

  2. kristi- thank you so much for the recommendation!

  3. a great knitting resource is {full of all kinds of great resources & knitters!} i also taught myself how to knit by watching videos on you tube...i am such a visual learner and have to actually see it, so the videos really helped me. i still to back and watch different vidoes to refresh my memory if i come to a stitch i haven't done in a while. i have knit several hats and this christmas actually knit some super cute scarves for some friends! if you have any questions, i'd be happy to help. {i am no guru, but know a bit :) }

  4. that was the best for me when I was learning since I am a visual learner

  5. amandanbo- i might take you up on some knitting lessons. getting ready to do the felt slippers.
    abbie- love the site very helpful :)


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