Monday, February 15, 2010

Spotlight on Brenda

I had to share with everyone this beautiful quilt that my friend, Brenda, has been working on for a year.  It is a block of the month quilt, she gets the fabric to make four blocks per month for one year. She started in February 09.   Each block has the same black background fabric and features two different batiks per block.    She is a very talented and extremely crafty. I remember her telling me when we worked together (she is my former boss and now good friend) that her and her mother would go away for quilting weekends :) What a great way to spend some quality time with your mom and craft. Very therapeutic I might add :)

I really love sharing other woman's crafty projects. I believe that is inspiring to see how the amazing things that other women make (men too) and gets motivated to start crafting yourself.  So, if you see me posting a lot on what others do, its because I really enjoy showing the artist in everyone.

Thank you Brenda for letting me share this with everyone.  Oh, she also sells Alto's QuiltCut2 quilt cutting systems. and Martelli Rotary Cutters   If anyone is intersted email her at

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