Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer Hair Accessories

Summer is here and all the cute outfits are coming out of my closet. The ones that I wasn't able to wear last summer because I was post baby :) Now that I am feeling a little better with my body I got myself in the attic to pull clothes down :) So exciting! So I was out there looking around and came across some really cute hair accessories that could really make an outfit. I am a true believer of the simpler the outfit the better because once you had those amazing get that hot outfit :) I love these because they are funky and fun...isn't that what summer is all about?


  1. I have the same philosophy- cute dress, simple accessories, that's my look. I love the feather piece and I plan to make that and wear it out this summer! Thanks for sharing.

    Cute blog, by the way, can't wait to explore it in detail and be inspired!


  2. Those hair accessories are absolutely beautiful. Well, I totally agree with you! Hair accessories truly help take the most basic outfit and transform it. Thanks!


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