Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Reminder and a couple of sidenotes

Don't forget to sign up for the Fabric Swap you have until Friday!! You can't possibly miss out the opportunity of getting someone's fabric treasures. I'm super excited to see what comes in the mail from my fabric swapper person (ok it just sounded good when I said it in my head and it made me giggle:) )

Sidenote: my "I Was Featured" button is not working. Sorry ladies who have it :( Please take the other button in the mean time. Planning to change the blog again so thats why I didn't panic when it went missing! If anyone out there does blog headers, buttons, etc. send me an email:

Ok another sidenote: I'm ending this post with what was on my deck, in my backyard and IN MY HOUSE recently!!!!!!!!! I'm having a lot of animal encounters lately.


  1. WHAT? That thing was inside??? yuck. ~Barbara

  2. That is CRAZY !!!! Did you scream ! I know I would have ! LOL !

  3. scott and i freaked out! we were all screaming and the only smart person was austin. who ran inside and locked us out of the house. Chloe was slinged on my back and we were trying to get austin to open the door but i had to take a picture..haha.

  4. oh aNd i forgot to mention that the snake came back after we kicked him out of the backyard and we left the door open and he was inside.

  5. That is crazy ! To funny about Austin locking you guys out !


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