Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's A Jungle Out There

My garden has over taken the corner of my backyard. I was happy to come back home from my trip to New York (you will hear more about that in the coming week) to have snap peas and little tomatoes. Austin and I were so excited that our daily watering and tending to the garden has paid off. He even called Scott and told him about the exciting news. So if you look at the first post of my garden and what it looks like now you will see what a jungle it has become :)


  1. Your garden is so pretty and organized, I can't wait to get back out to mine to tend to my plans. Lovely pictures!

  2. Oh that looks so delish! Love your beautiful garden pictures! I can't wait t read about your trip to New York I have not been and would love to go!

  3. You're garden looks amazing, Leslie. Congrats! Sara Boyle


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