Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Sad Week

Last week was a tough week at my house from both the kids being so sick to a family loss on Mother's Day. My Uncle passed away and it has been the saddest week. I spent most of the week tending to my little ones and mourning a loss. The hardest part was seeing my grandmother hurt as much as she did. I couldn't post on MT last week or even write anything about it on any public internet page because it was so personal that I couldn't share with the world that I was sad.

But, I decided to share tonight because these are things that happen in life. I have to admit, and I have admitted in the past, that I love reading other people's blog and even wonder how they do it. They look like they have the perfect life, they craft, they have business, manage to take care of their kids, post everyday, seems like nothing ever goes wrong and have dinner on the table by five. PERFECT right? well...

I have come to learn that those are only snap shots of people's lives, not everything is perfect everyday well not at my house anyway. So when you come visit me here you only get snap shots and we do have real things happen :)

On a happy note, I am feeling much better especially since I know that my family has accepted our loss and that he will live on in our hearts:)

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