Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cottage Collection By Bunny Lane Designs

Ok when I saw this Cottage Collection by Bunny Lane Designs..........I did my little happy dance because this dress is so stinking cute!! Every little girl should have one. I am so excited to see more of what she is going to have. She is just giving us a sneak peak of the new collection so if this is cute, can you imagine what the rest is going to look like????

Head over to her etsy store and have a look around. let me know what you think.

And on a even happier note, my May Flowers photo was featured here at the One Hundred Photos Feature blog. I again did the happy dance. Ok I did more then my happy dance :) I am very excited about it. can you tell? Head over there and check it out!



  1. I'm still waiting to see that happy dance one of these days ;)

  2. I am not sure if you noticed or not, but your "featured on" blog button isn't working :(

  3. thanks lindsey didnt even notice will see whats going on


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