Sunday, November 22, 2009

1st Annual Ornament Gift Exchange

Picture by Supergail

I was inspired by this idea from Sewing Dork and my friend Andrea!! Thought it would be great for everyone here to make an ornament and send it off. Tis' the season for giving :). So please join in! There is no skill level required. I REPEAT NO SKILL LEVEL REQUIRED! Who doesn't love getting a little surprise in the mail :)

Here Are The Rules:

1. You have to make one handmade ornament and send it to someone you have never met before.

2. Post a comment below and leave an email address/blog address. You will make a handmade ornament and mail it to the blogger who posts a comment below you. Once a comment has been posted below yours, go ahead and contact that person to get their mailing address. You have until November 25th to post.

3. Please mail your item no later than December 7th.

4. If you are running behind NO WORRIES! Just be kind enough to email the person letting them know their gift is on the way.

5. This is supposed to be fun and stress free.

6. U.S. and Canada participants only please :)

I will post the first comment.



  1. Yeap! I'm definitely in...hehe.

  2. Me too=)

  3. Im in Les:

  4. me too, great idea ;) ~Andrea

  5. hope it's not too late....I'd love to do this.

  6. Posting for my sister Sheila

  7. Count me in!

  8. count me in!!


  9. posting for shauna

  10. posting for melissa b.


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