Monday, July 12, 2010

A Farewell...

Wow! its been a long time since I have posted :) A lot of changes have been going on in my house (only good ones) so I haven't been on very much. When I do have free time I am out taking pictures and spending time with my kiddos. :)

On a really sad note, after much debate, I have decided to shut down Mamma Tortilla ...........WHAT!! i know mouth dropper! It's been an awesome time and I have enjoyed blogging here at Mamma T but its time to move on. I am not disappearing from the blog world though, I have a photo blog in the works and hoping that will take off soon :) I am focusing all of my energy on photography WOOHOO!

Special thanks to everyone who made Mamma T what it was (you know who you are), guest bloggers, Melissa West and everyone who loved Mamma T. I will keep Mamma Tortilla up for awhile just in case I want to come back :)

Farewell and Adios,

Mamma Tortilla


  1. Happy Trails to you Mamma T but the photography world needs you and your enormous talent. : ) Love you and can't wait to see more fabulous pics!!

  2. Glad you are going after your dreams! Good luck!


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